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Your 2nd Amendment
         Our 1st Priority




Our mission at Tactical Trigger is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all individuals committed to exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights by creating a positive learning atmosphere regardless of experience level.

With instructors who have extensive law enforcement experience and firearms training, Tactical Trigger brings the skill set of highly trained professionals to those looking to expand their knowledge and proficiencies in firearm safety, handling, and their applicable laws.



NYS *Required* Pistol Permit Safety Course

Approved 2 Day safety course that is required to obtain your NYS Pistol Permit following September 2022 law changes. A hands on approach designed to teach:

  • safe weapon handling

  • safe concealment

  • self defense laws

  • possession of weapon laws 

  • how laws apply

 This course will also include information on the following steps for the permit application process.

Concealed Carry + Self Defense Laws

Course designed to provide citizens with a working knowledge of laws pertaining to carrying a concealed firearm. Topics covered include:

  • possession of firearms

  • registering

  • transportation of firearms

  • NYS laws

  • justification of force/self defense

Pistol Proficiency Training

Course for new shooters to learn and enhance your skills regardless of your current experience. The course covers:

  • Firearm safety

  • shooting fundamentals

  • safe weapon handling

  • equipment

  • assist in choosing the right pistol for you

Class will begin in a classroom setting then take to the range with live fire shooting to apply your new skills under the guidance of our experienced instructors to ensure your success and safety.

Pistol Proficiency Training
Advanced Shooter

Course aimed for experienced shooters looking to expand their skills. Shooters will receive a briefing on firearms safety and handing in the classroom before heading to the range for live fire. At the range shooters will receive:

  • instruction on use of cover

  • left/right hand shooting

  • moving shot

  • reloading under duress

  • one handed pistol operation

  • survival mindset 

Our Team

Our Team

Image by Velizar Ivanov

Marc Smith

Owner  |  Instructor

28 years Law Enforcement Experience

26 years Fire Arms Instructor

20 years SWAT Team Leader


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